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Linda Scharf
teaches spinning classes and workshops in Boston and around the world


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I teach spinning (hand spinning classes/lessons) and related arts
privately, in groups and any other setting that sounds like fun.
I teach in Boston, New England, and around the world.
(I also teach at my studio in Plymouth, MA.)

For rates and to schedule details, please email me and I'll send you
the current document. lindaATstoneleafmoon.com (Replace At with @)

I post my teaching/class schedule on the teaching page. If you'd like
to arrange lessons, classes, presentations or demonstrations, email me
and we can discuss details. You might choose from my list of topics
or suggest your own.

Here are some thoughts from students:

You have a way of showing with patience, so your teaching is easy to understand.
You really have been an inspiration to me. Colleen Priolo

Thank you again for such a wondrous welcome to this new and marvelous world.
I cannot begin to find the words to explain how much I enjoyed the class.
You have truly inspired me. Max Makowski

I wanted to thank you for a great Intro to Spinning class. I really appreciated
your thoughtful, step-by-step process. So often a subject matter expert is NOT
a great teacher, but you were both. Sharon R. from Lexington, MA

For private lessons and groups of up to 12 or so, I provide fibers
and spindles for in class use. If you have spindles you'd prefer to use,
that's fine too. If the class is spinning wheel oriented, please bring your wheel.

There is a 2 hour minimum for private lessons. These classes cover
much more than the basics of learning to spin!
For 2 people, the cost of the 2 hours can be shared.
For 3 - 4 people, the class/workshop will be 3 hours.
For 5 - 12 people, the class time is 4 hours.
For over 12 people, time frame will vary, depending on the topic.
Please email me for rates, and we'll have some fun!