untamed handspun yarn, unique hats + fuzzy goods by linda scharf
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+++"animals smell when wet" yarn story+++

started off with raffia, matryoshka beads + plying thread...
batts, yarn, book/stoneleafmoon.comlinda scharf yarn/stoneleafmoon.com
which turned into what you see on the bobbin, above, and closeups, below
linda scharf yarn/stoneleafmoon.comlinda scharf/stoneleafmoon.comlinda scharf/stoneleafmoon.com
i wanted to try another so i could play with the tension of the
wheel, to see if the raffia could be less stiff, so...

linda scharf/stoneleafmoon.comlinda scharf/stoneleafmoon.com
i added some white bamboo tape, sparkle,
beads, distressed pompom, plastic persimmons...
strung the items on the plying thread (above right),
and started spinning again, adding sparkle...
linda scharf/stoneleafmoon.comlinda scharf/stoneleafmoon.comlinda scharf/stoneleafmoon.comlinda scharf/stoneleafmoon.com
the pompom JUST makes it thru :)
linda scharf/stoneleafmoon.comlinda scharf/stoneleafmoon.comlinda scharf/stoneleafmoon.com
the finished yarn, possibly good for a bracelet, hat...
linda scharf/stoneleafmoon.comlinda scharf/stoneleafmoon.com
i'm happy :) BUT THEN...later that night the thought strikes me...
ack!!!! feathers are technically "animal fiber"!!!
(supposed to be only non-animal sources for the challenge.)
linda scharf/stoneleafmoon.com
:( so i remove the offending feather and add a few other things, instead!
linda scharf/stoneleafmoon.com
linda scharf/stoneleafmoon.com
closeup of final submission...
linda scharf/stoneleafmoon.com

the two experiments, together. thanks for looking!
linda scharf/stoneleafmoon.comlinda scharf/stoneleafmoon.com

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not crocheted from the yarn above :)

linda scharf/stoneleafmoon.com
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Linda Scharf
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